Pentewan Beach

Beaches near Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlestown Beach: Nestled beside the iconic harbour, this pebbled haven is renowned for its panoramic ship views and close-knit village charm. It beckons for tranquil walks and maritime musings.

Porthpean Beach: A stone’s throw from Charlestown, Porthpean unveils a sandy sanctuary, perfect for families. Its placid waters invite swimmers, while its rock pools intrigue budding adventurers.

Carlyon Bay: This sandy stretch of coastline entices sun-lovers, explorers, and adrenaline-seekers. The ever-shifting tides ensure each visit unveils a new facet of its beauty.

Duporth Beach: A whisper away from Charlestown, Duporth Beach offers a tranquil retreat, with golden sands kissed by gentle waves. Ideal for serene picnics and the occasional marine life encounter.

Polkerris Beach: A brief drive unveils this cozy harbour beach, replete with water sport offerings. From paddleboarding to kayaking, adventure awaits. And with nearby eateries, a delightful day trip is guaranteed.

Par Sands Beach: An expansive sandy haven, welcoming both beach-goers and their canine companions year-round. Its unique dunes and adjacent freshwater lake craft an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and nature excursions.

Pentewan Beach: South of Charlestown, this vast sandy expanse draws swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. Its closeness to the Pentewan Valley Trail makes it a dual delight for beach loungers and trail trekkers alike.