Things To Do in Charlestown

Journey Aboard Timeless Vessels: Step onto Charlestown’s renowned tall ships and set sail on an unparalleled maritime adventure. Let the rhythmic dance of the waves and the salt-kissed breezes transport you through tales of seafarers and ancient nautical explorations.

Cornwall’s Coastal Treasures: Embark on an exploration of the South West Coast Path, where every step reveals breathtaking panoramas of the iconic Cornish coastline. Whether you choose a gentle saunter or an invigorating hike, the melding of sea, sky, and land ensures a sensory experience like no other.

Festive Flair at Charlestown Regatta: Immerse yourself in a grand maritime carnival that takes over Charlestown annually. Dive into a vibrant world of spirited boat races, harmonious sea shanties, and traditional festivities that capture the essence of coastal community celebrations.

A Marine Odyssey: Charlestown’s underwater realm is a spectacle waiting to be explored. Dive into its pristine waters, rich in marine biodiversity, and discover a mesmerizing world of coral gardens, playful fish, and sunken treasures.

Artistic Soul of Charlestown: Roam the town’s artistic enclaves, where local artisans draw inspiration from the coastal charms to create masterpieces. Each gallery offers a unique perspective, a tapestry of colors, and stories depicted on canvas, all echoing the spirit of the sea.

Glide Across Tranquil Waters: The gentle waters of Charlestown beckon water sports enthusiasts. Kayak through serene coves or paddleboard against the backdrop of the horizon. With dedicated instructors and rental services, every journey is tailored to your comfort and skill level.

Historical Footprints of Charlestown: Take a deep dive into Charlestown’s storied past. Unravel tales of its maritime legends, its pivotal role in the clay industry, and the landmarks that have stood witness to centuries of change. Guided tours weave stories, bringing history to life at every corner.

A Sanctuary at Carlyon Bay Spa: Step into a world of tranquillity and luxury. From aromatic massages that melt away stress to revitalizing beauty treatments using nature’s finest ingredients, the spa promises a holistic rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul.

Panoramic Greens at Carlyon Bay: Golf amidst nature’s finest canvas at Carlyon Bay Golf Club. Hone your skills on its challenging fairways, with the vast expanse of the ocean as your audience, making every swing an experience in itself.